Leadership EDGE for Women, Visionary Leadership

San Francisco


9:00am - 4:00pm

While women executives have outscored their male counterparts in many critical leadership competencies, they have been perceived to lack strategic perspective and to be less “visionary” than men. These perceptions may be the only thing keeping women professionals from reaching the highest positions within their organizations.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to execute on the tasks necessary to achieve strategic objectives. As a leader, your role is to utilize a strategic mindset to leverage opportunities for your team, division and the organization as a whole. In this session you will enhance your strategic thinking skills through the use of exercises and activities. In addition, you will gain a strategic perspective by understanding external factors and relationships that are key to the achievement of your goals. Vision and strategic perspective require big-picture thinking, the ability to establish direction, motivate and inspire, align people and effectively move an organization through change. Leadership and vision are not only critical at the executive level, but also at the departmental and team levels.

Participants will explore what it means to be visionary, be provided with high-level strategies to make the transition from “manager” to “visionary” and participate in lively discussions on the topic of how women can leverage their unique skills and competencies to demonstrate vision and strategic thinking.

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Contact: Lisa D'Angelo
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CLSA Event Center, California Life Science Association, 701 Gateway, South San Francisco, CA 94080