Leadership EDGE for Women

CLSA, South San Francisco


9:00am - 4:00pm

Finding Your Authentic Leadership Style (Who am I as a Leader?)

Many women struggle to find their true voice and their true style when leading others. How
can I be assertive without coming across as aggressive? What is the right balance between
being inclusive and being directive? How do I portray the image of being competent,
credible and capable while maintaining a style that is organically true to who I am at my
core? This hands-on, practical session begins with identifying your unique leadership style;
one that reflects your beliefs, values and leadership philosophy. When you are leading in a
truly authentic way, you are energized, powerful and unstoppable. Most importantly,
authentic leadership translates to credibility, consistency, trust and stronger relationships
with your team and organization.
Through a self-evaluation, participants have the opportunity to understand the events that
have shaped them as leaders – the mentors, life experiences and organizational experiences
that have influenced their attitudes and beliefs. They will then determine which of these
beliefs and values they chose to carry forward versus those they may choose to change.
From these reflections, participants will write their Leadership Story, inclusive of goals for
their own leadership development.

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