Leveraging Nature’s Design to Innovate Technology and Reduce Plastic Microfiber Pollution



12:00pm - 1:00pm

Dr. Dimitri Deheyn, Associate Researcher at UC San Diego Scripps Oceanography, will present new technologies developed from his research in the field of biomimicry which is the process of emulating nature to support bioinspired innovations for industry. He will be joined by panelists Jacques Chirazi, Director of Student Entrepreneurship at UC San Diego and a biomimicry professional with expertise in transitioning innovation from academia to industry, and Dr. Michaela Kroger, Project Manager for Global R&D at Lenzing®. This discussion will illustrate collaborations with industry for assessment, validity and product improvement. These include the search for light producing compounds to use in reporter assays, development of adhesion devices to manipulate delicate objects remotely, and materials that can be used as alternatives to plastic microfibers in clothing. In particular, Deheyn will present about the degradation properties of such alternative materials to support solutions to the global plastic issue. Overall, this webinar aims to provide companies with collaboration opportunities to adopt sustainable practices and technologies. This seminar would be of interest to professionals in the bioengineering, biomedical, diagnostic, life science, fashion and textile industries.

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