Speaker Biography

Luane Meyer

Luanne Meyer has been providing consulting services to the biotech and health care industries for nearly twenty years.  She founded Meyer and Associates to assist biotech firms with marketing insights that give them a competitive edge in introducing their products to the marketplace.

In addition to the U.S. and Europe, Luanne has been focused on Asia, in particular China, for a significant part of her career.  Formally trained as a social psychologist at Stanford University, Luanne attributes to her educational background her current ability to discern important cultural nuances and help her clients to better understand the psychology of customers in that growing region.  What motivates scientists and practitioners to purchase some products over others is a key to understanding how to market effectively to them.  To that end, Luanne has investigated:

  • new product development and featurization
  • market development
  • competitive analysis
  • marketing existing products to new markets
  • purchase behavior and pricing strategies
  • advertising and messaging concept testing and effectiveness

Luanne began her career in high technology as a consultant for management consulting firm Arthur D. Little.  From there she went on to establish her own practice, and consulted to many well-known Silicon Valley companies.  She turned the attention of her practice to biotechnology thereafter, consulting to companies large and small, focusing on both the pharmaceutical industry as well as biotechnology.

Luanne’s specialization in biotech instrumentation began when she was invited by Applied Biosystems (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) to provide marketing consulting services to the company;   some seven years later, she joined that company to found its first market research department, which she directed for nearly a decade.  Her department focused on pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, forensic science, food science, medical and academic researchers.  Her department’s responsibility was global, and she spent many years directing the study of growth markets for the company both domestically and internationally. After leaving Applied Biosystems in 2008, she returned to consulting.

Since that time, Luanne has worked with many well-known biotechnology companies, assisting them in identifying and targeting new markets for their products.  As a specialist in new product development market research, she is experienced in researching products at important milestones in the development cycle (from concept to product introduction).  Luanne also has a wealth of experience in advertising and marketing communications research.