MandalMed, Inc.

Organization Address
665 3rd St., Ste 250
San Francisco, CA 94107-1953

Organization Phone
(415) 495-5570



Organization Description

MandalMed is a privately held biotechnology company located in the San Francisco Bay Area – the home of more bioscience companies than any other region in the world. MandalMed’s mission is to develop pharmaceutical products of worldwide significance. The name of the Company derives from the words “mandala” and “medicine”. The mandala is an ancient circular symbol of wholeness, unity, and health. Areas where there is a great need for better treatments, initially cancer and neurological conditions, are the targets of MandalMed’s research and development programs. MandalMed’s business strategy is based on a hybrid business model. Revenues will be generated from out-licensing technology as well as sales of products developed in-house. MandalMed plans to conduct Phase I/II clinical trials in cancer in specialized clinical centers or in a foreign country to be as cost-effective as possible. MandalMed intends to form a strategic alliance with a large pharmaceutical company that could assist with late stage clinical trials, sales, and marketing of the first pharmaceutical products.

Clinical Development Stage