Why Choose CLSA?


  1. What was the intent behind the merger?
    The intent of merge is to provide one unified voice for California’s life sciences sector that will deliver stronger, more consistent advocacy, expanded programming and overall greater value for our collective, diverse membership base. The combined talent from BayBio and CHI will empower the California Life Sciences Association to be the largest and strongest statewide public policy and advocacy voice at the federal, state and local level for the continued growth and advancement of life sciences in California.
  2. What is the name of the new organization?
    BayBio and CHI have formally merged to become the California Life Sciences Association.
  3. Where is the new organization headquartered?
    The California Life Sciences Association is headquartered in California with offices in San Diego, South San Francisco and Sacramento, as well as Washington, D.C.
  4. What happens to my company’s current membership?
    Your company’s current membership in either BayBio or CHI will be honored through the end of your membership term. Your membership will automatically be transferred to the California Life Sciences Association. Your company will continue to receive all membership benefits that BayBio or CHI offered you at the time your company joined.
  5. What will happen to the BayBio Business Solutions Program?
    This merger will not affect the Business Solutions Program. We will continue to provide our entire suite of group purchasing programs and honor our all contractual agreements, including programs specific to BayBio, as well as those provided through joint benefit agreements with BIO and Biocom. Once the merger is completed, CHI member companies will also be able to benefit from Business Solutions program
  6. My company is interested in membership – how do we renew or join the new organization?
    Both BayBio and CHI have announced their respective 2015 Membership Dues. All current memberships are renewed based on these dues structures starting Jan. 1, 2015. Prospective new members should contact either CLSA staff to discuss their interest and to obtain a quote.
  7. What happens to my company’s membership now that the merger is complete?
    Your company’s membership has been converted to a California Life Sciences Association membership for the remainder of your membership term, and you will have the opportunity to access all CLSA member benefits going forward, whether these benefits originated with BayBio or CHI. Your company will have the opportunity to renew with the California Life Sciences Association at the new membership rates at the end of its membership term.
  8. When will you announce new combined organization membership rates?
    We expect to announce our new combined organization membership rates during the second quarter of 2015. The new membership rates will go into effect starting Jan. 1, 2016.
  9. Is Biocom a part of this merger?
    No. The California Life Sciences Association is committed to working collaboratively with Biocom and other stakeholders to deliver high quality joint programing and services. We expect to continue to co-produce CALBIO and the HR Conference and provide joint Business Solutions benefits, such as Beyond Benefits and UniFirst/UniClean garment & clean room services.
  10. Who will lead the merged organization?
    Sara Radcliffe will serve as President and CEO. Ms. Radcliffe has worked in life sciences advocacy and policy for more than two decades, most recently serving as Executive Vice President for Health for the Washington, D.C.-based Biotechnology Industry Organization. Click here to learn more about Sara.
  11. What will happen to currently scheduled BayBio or CHI events and programming?
    All currently scheduled events for both BayBio and CHI will occur as planned and none will be cancelled. The merger does not affect any future sponsorship or event commitments. BayBio and CHI are committed to fulfilling all current and prior obligations made.If you have questions about an upcoming BayBio event, please contact Elizabeth Gibson ( If you have questions about an upcoming CHI event, please contact Jessica Hepner (
  12. How will my organization be heard as part of the newly created organization?
    We will be listening to all of our members at all sizes, stages, locations and functional areas of development. The Board of Directors for the California Life Sciences Association will be representative of the industry as a whole.
  13. My company is a BayBio Business Solutions Provider – what will happen to this program?
    The Business Solutions program will remain. All current contracts will be honored. Current Business Solutions providers will have an opportunity and access to a greater membership base with the addition of CHI members.
  14. I am not familiar with CHI – could you tell me more about that organization and what value they brought into this merger?
    CHI represents more than 275 leading biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, and public and private academic biomedical research organizations. CHI’s mission is to advance biomedical research, investment and innovation through effective advocacy of policies to improve public health and ensure continued vitality of the life sciences sector. The intent of merge is to provide one unified voice for California’s life sciences sector that will deliver stronger, more consistent advocacy, expanded programming and overall greater value for the collective, diverse membership base.
  15. I am not familiar with BayBio – could you tell me more about that organization and what value they brought into this merger?
    BayBio has supported the Northern California life sciences community for 20+ years by:

    1. advocating on behalf of the industry at all levels of government
    2. providing group purchasing discounts that provide our small to mid-sized members the buying power of a much larger company
    3. offering programs and events that provide for peer sharing, professional development and networking
    4. supporting science education and entrepreneurship
  16. Will the California Life Sciences Association continue to support and help steward the life sciences sector in the Bay Area specifically?
    Yes. Providing support to the Bay Area remains a critical part of our mission. We will maintain our offices in South San Francisco, as well as in San Diego, Sacramento, and Washington DC.
  17. How will this merger affect the policy agendas of BayBio and CHI?
    The combined organization will continue to have as a top ongoing priority policy advocacy and leadership at the federal, state and local levels and for all segments of our combined membership. A key intent of the merger is to provide one unified voice for California’s life sciences sector. There will be little if any impact on the organizations’ specific policy agendas stemming from the merger.
  18. When will you launch the new organization?
    We will continue to communicate externally using the BayBio and CHI names until we have finalized our branding and built out our new website, which we expect to occur in early May.