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Spend your business capital wisely! CLSA members save up to 80% on the products and services you need to run your business through our partnership with the BIO Business Solutions® Program and our Member-to-Member (M2M) offers. Learn more »

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What is the BIO Business Solutions® Program?

BIO Business Solutions® is the largest cost savings purchasing program for the biotech industry operated by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). With more than $500 million in annual sales, BIO Business Solutions® aggregates the purchasing power of over 3,400 biotech companies from North America. Companies of all sizes save substantial money each year through its group savings program. CLSA Members can take advantage of the savings offered by the BIO BSP as part of their CLSA membership.

What is the CLSA Member-to-Member program (M2M)?

CLSA’s Member-to-Member Program (M2M) leverages its powerfully diverse portfolio by providing its members with a platform to offer significant discounts on products and services exclusively by members and for members. This popular program allows members to access the wealth of business opportunities found inside our comprehensive membership. CLSA encourages its member companies to support fellow members while enjoying the cost savings that come from strategically mining this member-only program. Apply now to help other CLSA members start saving today!