Lab Space - Profile

Molecular Medicine Research Institute

428 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

31000 sq. ft.

Property Description:

Since 1995, the Molecular Medicine Research Institute has been bridging the gap between scientific discovery and medical care. Our dual role includes pursuing innovative, disease-oriented research and supporting the growing number of life science start-ups in the Silicon Valley. MMRI fills a niche for entrepreneurial scientists in need of immediate experimentation–offering infrastructure, space, and fully equipped laboratories at a low cost. Affiliates joining the Institute enter a fully operational research laboratory. The per scientist fee structure allows access to all disciplines of experimentation–including medicinal and analytical chemistry, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and pre-clinical development/pharmacokinetics. The same day affiliates join the Institute, they can begin working in the laboratory to better understand the molecular and cellular basis of their target disease and develop the treatments necessary to advance patient care.

Other benefits include:

  • Intellectual property remains unencumbered, no loss of equity.
  • Working within MMRI’s network increases company value proposition for financing or corporate arrangements.
  • Affiliates have access to research services, partnerships, and mentorships.
  • MMRI team includes an experienced group of scientists with a broad range of scientific disciplines and areas of expertise.

Contact Information:

Name: Marie Berticevich
Phone: (408) 523-6260