Microbiome and Bioinformatics Workshop

San Diego


8:0am - 2:0pm

Recent advances in NextGen Sequencing technologies, especially Metagenomics Sequencing is enabling the qualitative and quantitative characterization of our diverse microbiome communities faster than ever. Since the microbiome appears to be an ideal target for diagnostic and possibly targeted therapies, the development and optimization of novel tools for computational data analysis allows us to fill a major gap. In addition to this, utilization of Metabolomics, Metatranscriptomics and Metaproteomics techniques for Microbiome analysis is enhancing our knowledge about its functional role and therefore its applications in clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Join us for half a day workshop to learn from Microbiome experts about the progress in the area of Bioinformatics followed by a panel discussion and a net-working lunch. .

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UCSD Extension, Greenwich Drive, San Diego, 92122