Speaker Biography

Miro Brajenovic, Ph.D.

Miro Brajenovic
Miro is a biopharmaceutical professional with over 10 years of drug development experience building and leading teams. Miro is currently the Head of Business Operations and Communications for Early Clinical Development group at Genentech and is a standing member of Senior Clinical Leadership Teams and Development Review Governance Committee.

While at Genentech, Miro held positions of increasing leadership and management responsibilities in R&D, Portfolio and Project Management, and Clinical and Business Development. Most recently, Miro led several teams that advanced late stage Research lead candidates into Development and contributed to several IND filings and Phase I and II studies. Miro oversaw development and execution of Clinical Development Plans that were aligned with molecule’s strategic context and Target Product Profile. He also led several company-wide projects, including strategy for bispecifics, lifecycle investment management, and portfolio planning. While in Business Development, Miro was a key contributor to an in-licensing deal with Constellation Pharmaceuticals with the primary role of leading the development and implementation of the Research Plan. Miro also led a successful opt-in diligence process of a Phase II asset by Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Japan in collaboration with Genentech and Roche Alliance Management.

Earlier in his career, Miro worked at a startup company, Cellzome, where he helped develop company’s cutting edge proteomics technology used to identify novel druggable targets. While at Cellzome, Miro contributed to several high impact publications (including a Nature article) and patents, and most importantly learned how to build a company, advance projects and work with senior leaders in a fast-paced environment.

Miro’s leadership experience across Research and Development has led to a desire to simplify development and enhance the likelihood of success of drugs for unmet medical needs.

Miro holds a PhD in Biology from University of Heidelberg, Germany and is PMP certified.