NAVAN Technologies

Organization Address
329 Oyster Point Blvd 3rd Floor
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Organization Phone
(650) 491-9632


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description

NAVAN Technologies, Inc. is an enabling technology company commercializing a novel non-viral delivery platform to radically accelerate genetic engineering of human primary cells. The Nanostraw technology, exclusively licensed from Stanford University, provides direct intracellular access into hard-to-transfect primary human cells for efficient delivery of any cargo. Using a physical, non-perturbative mechanism for delivery, the challenges of viral-based cell manufacturing (time, cost and technical difficulties) are drastically reduced.
NAVAN’s vision is to facilitate cell and gene therapies at the point of care. Nanostraws offer a powerful cell engineering capability to streamline the development of new therapies, and bring their applications into the clinic. With fewer, faster operational steps and robust performance at scale, costs will be greatly decreased and therapies will become more affordable and accessible.
NAVAN is a resident company at JLABS @ SSF located at Oyster Point in South San Francisco, CA.