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New Kid in Town: Meet MobCon Digital Health

Connect with healthcare innovators Sept. 7 at Mission Bay Conference Center

Making meaningful change in healthcare isn’t dependent on predictive analytics, population health or precision medicine alone. It won’t be solved with a single sensor or wearable. Change in healthcare starts with the people — the activators — coming together to transform the entire system.

That very idea was the impetus to found MobCon Digital Health last year in the heart of Medical Alley, Minneapolis MN.

This September the one-day event attended by some of the biggest names in healthcare — athenahealth, 3M, HealthPartners, Medica — is traveling westward to take root in San Francisco.

What is MobCon Digital Health?

The healthcare industry needs more than just disruption. It needs collaboration. Collective momentum. MobCon Digital Health is where innovators unite, network, explore and learn. Designed as a central place for executives, strategists and developers to engage and share digital and mobile strategies related to health and healthcare, MobCon Digital Health was created to incite conversation and inspire forward momentum.

The event will feature tech demos, talks in 5 educational themes, keynotes by the top minds in digital health and networking. This April the Clinton Foundation, Medtronic and Accenture will keynote MobCon Digital Health Minneapolis. Past keynotes have explored subjects including the future of remote care, alert fatigue and data sharing in healthcare.

MobCon Digital Health San Francisco sessions will feature the following themes:

+ The Future of Digital Health
+ Regulatory & Legal Compliance
+ The Power of Data
+ From Sensors to Mobile
+ Digital Health as a Business

State of the Digital Health Industry

The challenges faced by the modern healthcare industry are nothing new. The industry is complex. Fragmented. It lies at a crossroads — acutely feeling the effects and pressures of new regulation, while at the same time open to the vast process, population health and analysis improvements healthcare IT offers.

Patients want to engage. More than 100,000+ health apps exist, and over 4 million are downloaded daily, according to Jonathan Bush’s talk at HIMSS 2016. Yet how is this data being used? Are the associated wearables medical grade? Can the data be visualized?

Only by bringing leaders in the provider, medical device, biopharma, wellness and medtech verticals together can we talk about the challenges and begin imagining the solutions.

Continuing the conversation

MobCon Digital Health San Francisco is a dialogue focused on showcasing and harnessing the power of emerging models, innovations, best practices and strategies with proven results to serve patients and practitioners more effectively. Join us.

Event details

What: One day featuring educational sessions, exhibits, tech demos and networking paired with a keynote program culled from the most revolutionary minds working towards better results
When: Sept. 7
Where: Mission Bay Conference Center
Who: For entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, digital health strategists, physicians and healthcare professionals, product owners along with device and biopharmaceutical executives from startups to Fortune 500 healthcare organizations.