Next-Generation Cytogenomics Seminar

Irvine, CA


12:0pm - 1:0pm

The promise of personalized medicine remains elusive, because no single technology can comprehensively detect all of the genomic rearrangements. Bionano High-throughput optical mapping utilizes long reads to elucidate these structural variations.
Join speaker Dr. Sven Bocklandt from Bionano Genomics to improve your understanding of structural variation. This seminar will describe how the Bionano Saphyr ® platform enables a genome wide direct visualization of chromosomal abnormalities, with much higher sensitivity and precision than sequencing-based methods. During this seminar, we will:
Review how Bionano optical mapping technology elucidates genomic rearrangements in cancer and genetic disease that are missed by NGS and cytogenetic methods.
Describe the multitude of structural variants (SVs) that can be detected with up to 99% sensitivity, in as little as 5% allele fraction, such as insertions, deletions, inversions, and balanced translocations.
Share examples of how the Bionano Saphyr system is enabling novel insights into the molecular drivers of rare diseases as well as solid and hematologic cancers.

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Contact: Heather Mashhoodi
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