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Nucleus Biologics Launches Its First Premium Cell Culture Product – a Best-in-Class Fetal Bovine Serum to Feed Scientific Breakthrough

Original article posted on the Yahoo News


Nucleus Biologics, a cell culture products supplier to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, has launched its first premium product – a fetal bovine serum (FBS) that provides customers access to an exclusive source in Australia. This FBS is exceptionally low-viral risk and is ideal for bioproduction or research applications in stem cells, vaccines, antibodies, CAR-T cells, immunotherapies or any sensitive scientific experiments.

The company saw a need in the market for a higher quality FBS that better met the needs of scientists. Traditionally, most sellers of FBS source their raw material under multiple short-term supply agreements which may yield product inconsistencies and fluctuations in availability and price. Thus, FBS has turned into a volatile commodity.

Nucleus Biologics believed there was a way to create a new standard and redesign the traditional FBS supply chain to allow greater transparency between the source and the scientist. The company asserts that this process will exceed customer expectations for product consistency, quality and long-term price stability. To accomplish this, Nucleus Biologics partnered with Tavistock Group, as well as Australian Agricultural Company (AACo), as its exclusive source. AACo, one of Australia’s oldest companies, has the largest herd in Australia and over 16 million acres of land under its control.

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