Numerous Bills of Note Poised to Move Quickly as the California Legislature Returns

August 20, 2017

CLSA has been working hard in opposition to the two biggest bills for the life sciences sector this year, Senate Bill 17 (Hernandez) and Senate Bill 790 (McGuire).

SB 17 would require an advance notice of price increases on many drugs to all California payers and the submission of a litany of information to the state on those drugs. SB 790 would prohibit transfers of value, including meals, to providers in California with some exceptions for transfers related to research and conferences, among other things. Both bills were discussed at length in last month’s bulletin. Click here to learn more.

CLSA has ramped up its grassroots opposition efforts on these bills with letter-writing campaigns. On SB 17, CLSA has received commitments from the CEOs of roughly thirty member companies to sign onto an opposition letter that will be distributed to legislative leadership and other key legislators. On SB 790, CLSA has worked to facilitate the distribution of nearly 500 letters from life sciences sector staff and other interested parties across the state.

These letters are already having an impact on the debate as we head into the critical final weeks of the legislative session. CLSA would very much welcome any support you may be able to provide in this effort to defeat two bills that would hurt our sector. If you would like to get involved, click here to add your voice and urge legislators to reject SB 17.

On a more positive note, CLSA continues to work in support of the passage of a number of bills:

  • SB 440 (Hertzberg), which would help ensure that the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) is able to be funded through voluntary tax contributions until 2025. This bill is on the Assembly’s consent calendar and should reach the Governor’s desk soon.
  • AB 845 (Wood), which would allow patient access to controlled substances containing cannabidiol (CBD) if and when federal law permits such access. This bill is before the Senate Appropriations Committee and appears likely to reach the Governor’s desk.
  • AB 613 (Nazarian), which would authorize, in the interest of efficiency, qualified persons to use automatic refractometers in a licensed plasma collection facility in California. At the time of this writing, this bill is before the Senate Appropriations Committee.
  • AB 1217 (Bocanegra), which would establish a state school for instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Los Angeles County, governed by a nonprofit public benefit corporation and overseen by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. This bill is before the Senate Appropriations Committee.
  • AB 1386 (Waldron), which would require the California Department of Public Health to establish a short-term program to remain in effect until January 1, 2022, to promote screening for breast cancer susceptibility gene mutations among persons newly diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. This bill is before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

All bills before the Senate Appropriations Committee must move out of the committee no later than Sept. 1. Questions? Please contact Brett Johnson, CLSA’s Senior Director, Policy & Regulatory Affairs (