OrPro Therapeutics, Inc.

Organization Address
3210 Merryfield Row
San Diego, CA 92121-1126

Organization Phone
(858) 242-1557


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description

OrPro Therapeutics, Inc is developing a non-systemic inhaled biologic drug platform for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and other obstructive diseases. OrPro’s technology is based on a naturally-secreted human airway enzyme that has been engineered to efficiently normalize thickened mucus via a unique and highly specific mechanism. This approach is genotype independent and is designed to supplement deficient airway surface activity. OrPro is working with leading academic CF experts and development partners with funding support from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. A scalable and cost-effective production process based on high-yield fermentation in E. coli has been developed and proof of concept work in human cells and multiple animal models has established a low safety risk and demonstrated activity in CF patient sputum, a clinically-re levant means of assessing the efficacy of an extracellular mucus therapy. Inhalation toxicology studies are ongoing with human trials expected in 2017.