Patient recruitment begins in the design phase: Approaches to assure that clinical trials are designed with patient insights and support



8:0am - 9:0am

Decisions made in clinical trial protocol design can have significant financial impacts during product development and commercialization. Decisions can influence clinical trial performance in many ways including protocol amendments, patient recruitment, patient retention and compliance as well as the overall timing of the development program. Getting the protocol right during the design phase through the application of real-world data (RWD) for protocol design is one way to improve the time and cost of clinical trials.

Real Patient Engagement means thoughtful and inclusive dialogue with key stakeholders during program and study design at both a protocol and a development program level.

In this webinar, experts from Watson Health and Celgene, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bristol Myers Squibb, will discuss how to optimize study design to improve study execution and the impact of data, analytics, and patient insights.

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Contact: Mark Weadon
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