Pharmaceutical Pricing: Strategies for Compliance in Commercial and Government Segments

San Francisco, CA


8:00am - 10:30am

After years of product development, it is time to bring it across the finish line. Join us in a forum to discuss key topics related to commercial and government pricing as you prepare to launch your product in the US market.

Manufacturers of biotech and pharmaceutical products bring innovation that provides lifesaving and life enhancing benefits to the US market; however, launching a product in the US presents significant challenges. Pharmaceutical pricing is increasingly moving towards more outcomes based models, but it is not there yet. Government Programs reimbursement across Medicaid, Medicare, the VA and PHS programs can account for up to 50 percent of the market today and can be even more depending on the therapeutic area. However, government contracting has complex operational requirements and also requires significant compliance reporting. A comprehensive launch plan and market access strategy across both commercial and the growing government markets are key to a successful product launch.

This forum will encompass decisions on pricing strategies, competitive considerations, and the complexities of growing government reimbursement. We will walk through our experiences in helping emerging companies with commercialization of pharmaceutical products in the US, at approximately 12 to 18 months from an anticipated launch, including key considerations of:
— Commercial Pricing, reimbursement and patient access strategies
— Government programs enrollment and participation
— Ongoing Government programs price reporting and claims processing

Who should attend:
CFO’s, CEO’s, General Counsel, Head of Commercial, and professionals involved in compliance and regulatory.

Continuing professional education:
You may qualify for up to two continuing professional education (CPE) credits when you attend this program. No advance preparation or prerequisite is required. Level of course content: intermediate.

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KPMG San Francisco
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