PHL Associates, Inc.

Organization Address
24711 County Road 100A
Davis, CA 95616

Organization Phone
(530) 753-5881



Organization Description

Veterinary Biologics Today, PHL produces a variety of products to protect and accommodate many different species. Also, custom-made autogenous vaccines can be produced to fit your specific needs. Because PHL isn?t a huge conglomerate, we?re able to give our customers the personal attention required to address their specific needs. We realize that the health of your animals is extremely important to you. You deserve the focused attention that only PHL can provide. Whether it’s a product we already produce, or one that we develop especially for you, expect the quality service we?ve provided for 50 years. PHL’s laboratory is located in Davis, California. It is there that the research, development and manufacturing takes place. We also have a separate office in Sacramento, California, which specifically handles customer service of all kinds. Here at PHL, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Whether you?re a brand new client, or a long-established one, we?ll do our very best to handle your specific needs. If you need to speak to our experienced veterinarians or simply reorder a product, our staff is always available and ready to help.

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