Plaxgen, Inc

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Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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Biotech and Pharmaceutical


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Sunnyvale, CA—February 20, 2015, Plaxgen, Inc., developing flow cytometry-based blood diagnostics for plaque-associated diseases, such as atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s, announced that a paper validating its Plaque Array technology for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Clinica Chimica Acta. In a study called, “Plaque Array Method and Proteomics-based Identification of Biomarkers from Alzheimer’s Disease Serum,” researchers concluded that the Plaque Array methodology developed by Plaxgen works well for detecting abeta and other particle formation in the blood serum of subjects clinically-determined to have Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The Plaque Array technique, which incorporates particle- targeted proteomics to identify the makeup of the plaques, was also effective in identifying the various components of those particles: abeta 42, tau, cholesterol and synuclein. This could be beneficial in the development of therapeutics targeted to these specific AD pathologies