Prothena Biosciences

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South San Francisco, CA 94080-1909

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We focus on the discovery and development of potential therapeutic monoclonal antibodies directed specifically to disease causing proteins. These potential therapies have a broad range of indications including AL and AA forms of amyloidosis, Parkinson’s disease and related synucleinopathies, and novel cell adhesion targets involved in inflammatory disease and metastatic cancers. Our strategy is to apply our extensive expertise in generating novel therapeutic antibodies and work with collaborators having expertise in specific animal models of disease, to identify antibody candidates for clinical development Prothena┬« Approach An epitope is the molecular target recognized by an antibody. A neo-epitope is a site on a protein that becomes accessible only after modification, such as from cleavage or by misfolding into an abnormal shape. The neo-epitopes we target may occur as part of a disease-associated pathological process. We are developing novel, specific monoclonal antibodies against neo-epitope targets for the potential treatment of patients having a disease associated with the neo-epitope.