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PSC Biotech

PSC Biotech™ provides discounts on electronic quality and inspection management software solutions that enable life science companies to efficiently deliver their products to regulated industries through: Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACETM), ACE EssentialsTM and AuditUtopia®. Also, PSC Biotech™ provides customized solutions for computer systems validation (implementation, data
migration, training, and development of custom features).

Member Benefits

  • 10% discount on configuration of custom workflows, PQ validation of ACE® software
    systems, Implement Management and migration of software systems, data
    migration and development of new, custom ACE™ features.
  • 15% discount on the Initialization Fee for PSC Software™ such as the Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE™), ACE Essentials™, AuditUtopia®, user subscription licenses include the hosting, cloud storage, technical support, and upgrades to future
    versions of ACE™
  • 45-day free trial of ACE™, ACE Essentials™ and AuditUtopia®

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