PwC Commercialization Webinar Session 3: Launch Lessons for Commercialization Stage



The drug launch environment is constantly changing in today’s evolving healthcare environment. Please join us as we take you through a series of four launch training sessions to discuss the external environment, key considerations, best practices, and capabilities needed for a successful product launch.

Session 3: Launch lessons for commercialization stage
Much of a product’s launch trajectory is determined before launch. To achieve the best possible impact in the first months of launch, you need to be able to manage launch uncertainties by being great in a handful of make-or-break activities. On April 18, we will discuss how to use your final 12 months before launch to develop “must-have” capabilities, position your brand, engage your stakeholders and create competitive advantage to enable a successful launch.

Date & Time: 04/18/2018 8:00 AM PST
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