ReadCube: Simplifying Scholarly Literature with ReadCube Papers



11:00am - 11:30am PDT

To generate novel results, your research teams need to know the historical research done before them. Reinventing the same idea is an expensive and frustrating endeavor. To keep one step ahead, you need to ensure your team can find the correct papers they need and easily access the ideas, data, and interpretations accumulated in the literature right up to that point – both from the broader research community and within your research teams.

This is no small task. The good news is that ReadCube Papers can help!

Papers is used by hundreds of research-driven institutions worldwide, from early-stage ventures to big pharma, to simplify their research teams’ work with scholarly research.

During this 30-minute webinar, ReadCube Papers will provide an overview of our collaborative enterprise library platform, integrated full-text access service, powerful citation tool for Word/Google Docs, and other data-rich features designed to accelerate literature workflows across your teams/organization.

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Contact: Val Podbelski
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