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Juggling resources? RoseRyan’s new CFO report targets seven areas for success

Smart CFOs are virtuosos of resource management, knowing when it’s time to pull the trigger on an investment in one area and when it’s time to slow down in another.

In this intelligence report by CLSA member consulting firm RoseRyan, the firm’s director Stephen Ambler, who has held CFO positions at a variety of companies, zeroes in on the seven essential areas in finance that need finance leaders’ attention.

Download the paper to find out:

  • The 7 hotspots for managing resources
  • Why troubled companies tend to lose sight of their cash position
  • A top reason why resources could wither
  • The common misstep finance teams make when hiring
  • The importance of timing when considering a systems upgrade
  • Why the company needs an exit plan, no matter what stage it’s in

Plans will change and growth strategies will shift. The onus is on CFOs to make decisions with a steady hand, whether they are monitoring cash flow, providing input on the business plan, finding talent or making decisions about major systems.

Access RoseRyan’s guide here to learn more:

About RoseRyan:

A longtime member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s dynamic life sciences community, RoseRyan has worked with public and private life sciences companies of all sizes since 1994. Its engagements, numbering in the hundreds, span every sector of the field, from biotechnology to specialty pharma.