Protect Education of California Medical professionals

California policymakers are considering legislation (SB 790) that would restrict the California life sciences sector’s ability to provide continuing education to physicians and discuss the clinical benefits of medicines. It could prevent your doctor from being up-to-date on potentially life-saving medications.

Californians deserve access to the best life sciences innovation and medical research. We simply can’t afford for policymakers to risk the health of Californians for more red tape and regulations.

This ill-conceived measure could have chilling effects on our innovative life sciences ecosystem, hampering the ability of life sciences companies to conduct medical research in California, disrupting patient care and threatening innovation.

The bill is also unnecessary. Existing State and Federal laws already restrict and regulate interactions between doctors and industry.

For more information about this bill, read this Sacramento Bee op-ed from two people in the California medical community.

Click here to tell your legislators to reject SB 790.