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Science and Medicine Group is a leading business information and media firm. For over 20 years our services have been supporting life science, radiology, dentistry, analytical instrument, and clinical diagnostic companies. Science and Medicine Group helps clients create strategies and products to win markets and provides platforms to digitally engage their markets through a variety of innovative solutions.

Our expertise includes assessing the size and attractiveness of markets, optimizing product configurations and pricing, validating corporate acquisitions, measuring customers’ brand loyalty, and evaluating brand strength and positioning. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of industry veterans, market research experts, consultants and survey statisticians

Business Intel & Market Research

Over 100 yearly market or product reports and databases to support your strategy and a custom research and data analysis team to help you grow. We are a full-service firm utilizing both “bottom-up” and “top down” research methodologies. We maintain and update our database of the financial performance of life science and analytical instrument companies and use proprietary algorithms to allocate revenues across dozens of product categories to create reliable models of market size, share, segmentation and growth.

 Media & Marketing
We have digital audiences on media channels in life science, radiology, dentistry, and clinical diagnostics. Our digital marketing offering includes inline website ads, banner ads, direct email delivery, company profile/landing pages, newsletter ads, community sponsorship, and more. With our global reach and accurate targeting, we get your message to the people that matter most with high engagement and low cost per engagement.

 Job Boards
The Science and Medicine Group sponsors curated online communities of scientific and medical professionals through its assets of The Science Advisory Board ® the world’s largest market research panel of life scientists and laboratory professionals, Aunt Minnie (and Aunt Minnie Europe) the leader in online medical imaging news and radiology CME, and DrBicuspid the fastest growing dental news and CE digital property. Placing your job classified ad with the Science and Medicine Group is the best way to reach highly targeted, self-qualified audiences.

Brands of Science & Medicine Group
The premier online destination  for radiologists seeking news, advice and professional resources.

BioInformatics Inc.
Leading market research & media for the life science industry.
A member-driven website dedicated to dentists, specialists, and other dental professionals.

Leading publisher of market research reports for the clinical diagnostics & radiology markets.

Instrument Business Outlook
Bi-weekly executive newsletter in-depth analysis of market developments, new product introductions and financial performance.

Strategic Directions International (SDi)
The most trusted and respected market research firm serving the analytical instrument market.

The Science Advisory Board
The world’s largest market research panel of life scientists and laboratory professionals.

Science and Medicine Group supports companies seeking to commercialize the rapidly changing marketplace at the intersection of science, medicine, and technology. Our clients, including some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world, use our business intelligence, market research and publications, and marketing platforms to grow their businesses globally.

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