Science Garage to help South San Francisco students learn biotech

Original article posted in the San Francisco Chronicle

Students at South San Francisco high schools will get real-life lab experience right on their own campus next year at Science Garage, a fully functioning biotechnology laboratory complete with centrifuges, thermal cyclers, gel electrophoresis machines and other equipment funded by Genentech Inc.

The 6,900-square-foot lab, constructed with a $7.9 million investment from the Genentech Foundation, is being built at South San Francisco High School, but will also be accessible to students at El Camino High School, the other high school in the South San Francisco Unified School District.

The building is part of Genentech’s $18 million Futurelab program, which the South San Francisco biotech company started last year as a long-term investment in science, technology, engineering and math, subjects commonly known as STEM, in South San Francisco schools.

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