ADVOCATE. CONNECT. INNOVATE. Maximize your chances of success: Avoid and Mitigate Risk of Failure when Developing Biotherapeutics




Advancing your drug or vaccine candidate from late-stage discovery into the clinic is one of the most critical steps in development. This is the phase when you make key decisions that will have long-term scientific and business impact, frequently under extreme time and cost pressure. For example, developability and manufacturability issues can arise due to post-translational modifications and aggregation, and immunogenicity risks due to the presence of T-cell epitopes.

To maximize your chances of success, it essential to de-risk your candidates as early as possible. This presentation will describe how in silico and in vitro protein design and optimization tools can help you to identify and mitigate manufacturing, development and immunogenicity risks, to reduce attrition and to improve the quality and safety of your therapeutic proteins.

Join our expert, Yvette Stallwood, PhD for a 1 hour presentation and live Q&A session to follow. All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar after it has concluded.

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