Scott Johnson

Diagnosed in 1976 with MS, Scott Johnson found himself frustrated with the slow progress in research towards finding a myelin repair therapeutic for MS. In 2002, after a 25-year career as a business management consultant and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, MS patient Johnson added patient advocate to his resume and undertook his greatest challenge yet: Developing a new model for drug development that would accelerate the rate of scientific discoveries and rapidly move those discoveries into commercial development. Johnson began the Myelin Repair Foundation and established its Accelerated Research Collaboration(tm) model, a collaborative research approach to speed the pace of drug discoveries. Today, the Myelin Repair Foundation have achieved significant progress through the managed collaboration of clinically relevant basic science and successfully “de-risking” research for commercial development. This award recognizes Johnson’s tireless dedication to form collaborations between key players within the entire therapeutic development continuum, to benefit millions of patients who cannot afford to wait for effective treatments or cures.