San Francisco STEM Career Day

San Francisco, CA


11:00am - 12:30pm

Support STEM education by volunteering at the fifth annual San Francisco STEM Career Day event on March 5, 2019. Organized by the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership, the day will introduce 100 San Francisco Unified School District's high school freshmen and sophomores to the tremendous opportunities that are available in the Bay Area's STEM professions. Volunteers are needed to participate in a catered "Lunch with a STEM Professional", where students will have the opportunity to talk informally with professionals in the STEM field. This is a special opportunity to share your career journey with the next generation and inspire them to pursue STEM careers.

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Contact: Jennielyn Dino Rossi
Contact Phone: (415) 730-9335
Contact Email:

Event Address:

UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center - Fisher Banquet Hall
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA 94143