Solvexa, LLC

Organization Address
6450 Lusk Blvd. Suite E202
San Diego, CA 92121

Organization Phone
(858) 722-0657


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description
Solvexa, LLC is an early stage startup company focused on testing and developing a new technology for chiral analysis and separation of drug molecules. Current chiral analysis separation methods rely on interactions with various chiral selectors, e.g. chiral chromatography or recrystallization while determination of absolute molecular configuration relies on X-ray crystallography (very slow/expensive service) or on chiroptical spectroscpy. All these methods are time consuming & very costly, and they do not lend themselves to a priori predictions of performance for newly synthesized molecules. Solvexa invented a proprietary method and benchtop device for chiral separation and analysis based on the molecular propeller effect that has just been demonstrated experimentally: ( Solvexa’s next generation approach is ~ 10 x faster, low-cost and more broadly applicable than described in the paper. The Company has just received Phase I SBIR grant award from the NIH.