South San Francisco State of the City

June 2, 2015

The South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce held the 2015 State of the City luncheon in May at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Addressing more than a hundred government, business, and community leaders, Mayor Richard Garbarino was joined by Vice Mayor Mark Addegio, fellow Council Members Pradeep Gupta, Karyl Matsumoto and Liza Normandy and the rest of the City’s leadership to discuss the latest in South San Francisco. Industry leaders gathered along with Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, San Mateo Supervisor Dave Pine, and other representatives from federal, state, and regional governments to hear Mayor Garbarino declare the state of South City’s economy as ‘strong and secure.’

He noted with pride that South San Francisco is home to over 150 biotech companies making it one of the largest municipal clusters in the world. With 11 million square feet of land already dedicated to biotech space, he stated that another 5 million has been approved. This investment into additional space for research and development and the continued growth of the life sciences in South San Francisco is a priority for the municipality.

The City of South San Francisco has also invested more than $250 million into overall growth and development projects throughout the City. This includes the construction of over 800 new units of housing throughout the City. Mayor Gabarino has heard calls from many in the biotech industry for more affordable housing options so our sector’s employees can live near where they work. These same calls from industry have also driven the City to work on many transportation improvements. A planned $55 million upgrade for the Caltrain station, projected to be completed by 2019, will allow better access to and from the station, as well as provide a new pedestrian link bridging the communities of downtown South San Francisco and those east of Highway 101.

With regards to transportation, CLSA has assisted in applications for national grants to help the City fund upgrades to the Caltrain station. We have also monitored the improvements to the on/off ramps of Highway 101, advocated easier ferry options to and from South City’s Oyster Point, and given voice to our industry’s concerns regarding the growth of traffic. CLSA continues to work closely with the City of South San Francisco on all of its future development plans for the growth and success of our business community east of Highway 101.