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Spring 2017 FAST Closing Showcase Celebrates Seven Companies

Crystal Nyitray, PhD, Founder of FAST Spring 2017 graduate, Encellin, presents at the FAST Closing Showcase in June
Stephen Cary, Omniox CEO and FAST Fall 2013 graduate, offers FAST Retrospective

CLSI celebrated key milestones at the Spring 2017 FAST Closing Showcase at UCSF’s Byers Auditorium on June 13.  The Showcase marked the culmination of the Spring program and included presentations from seven graduating FAST companies: Encellin, an innovative ultra thin-film cell delivery platform company; LogicInk, developing programmable temporary tattoos that are electronics-free and transform to convey useful information about your body or environment; MicroSynbiotiX, developing a novel, patent-pending method of producing oral vaccines using transgenic microalgae; Raydiant Oximetry, developing a novel non-invasive medical device to better evaluate fetal well-being; X-Therma, developing state-of-the-art ice-blocking preservation solution; HepaTx, developing regenerative medicine solutions to address the need for better therapies for life-threatening liver diseases; and Facile Therapeutics, developing Ebselen for prevention of recurrence of Clostridium difficile infection. Raydiant Oximetry is a graduate of the FAST pilot in Davis, CA, which will continue this fall.

The program also included retrospectives from two previous FAST graduates, Stephen Cary, CEO of Omniox, and Anna Christensen, CEO of Magnetic Insight, both of whom discussed how the FAST program helped further their companies’ success.

FALL 2017 FAST Applications Open

Applications for the Fall 2017 program are open through July 17, 2017.  Apply now.

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