Startup 101 Information Session/Mixer

San Francisco, CA


5:30pm - 7:30pm

Find out about the Entrepreneurship Center’s core course, Startup 101, which will be offered this January. Have an idea that you think might be material for a startup? Considering joining an entrepreneurial team? Working on a startup and would like business training? Looking to find team members or meet other entrepreneurs at UCSF? Considering alternative careers to scientific research/clinical practice and curious about the Silicon Valley startup world? If you’re in any of these categories, Startup 101 is perfect for you. This experiential, team-based class will cover the topics important to starting a scalable, for profit commercial venture. You’ll learn how to recognize a business opportunity, customer discovery, and develop business plans and business models. We’ll cover clinical development, regulation, reimbursement, intellectual property, team building, financing strategy, budgeting, sources of capital and more. The class ends with a Pitch Night to investors from the angel and venture capital community. If you have an idea or a venture, you may find team members that can help and even become part of your permanent team. The course is open to UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford and the business community.

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