Tempathic, Inc.

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2532 Santa Clara Avenue, #413
Alameda, CA 94501

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Biotech and Pharmaceutical

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Tempathic is a SaaS automation, orchestration and analytics application for controlled environments. We automate human workflows in biomedical/biotech labs, production environments, and the cold chain.
Biomedical and Biotech
Pharmaceutical, molecular diagnostics, immunoassay, medical device, biospecimen, biosynthetics and similar companies operating controlled environments, can use Tempathic to manage workflows in their labs (CLIA, CAP, R&D, BS-1/4), production environments and cold chain. Common workflows for compliance are responding to temperature excursions of freezers, refrigerators, and incubators; requesting service, maintenance or calibration of an instrument or equipment; scheduling of shared equipment; responding to power and network interruptions. Tempathic reduces the time to respond to events which reducing the risk of loss. Tempathic provides visibility and enhances communication across the affected groups.

The manufacture, distribution and processing of food requires controlled conditions. Tempathic can provide the automated monitoring and workflows for monitoring temperature and humidity and responding to excursions. Tempathic can monitor stores, kitchens, production environments and the trucks transporting food products.