Up and Out – Tips on Navigating Relocation for Life Science Companies

South San Francisco, CA



Your innovation is thriving; your company is growing; it is never too early to plan your move up and out. There is a lot to know about building and moving to a new space, but where do you start?

The workplace is changing, a high-performance workplace helps life sciences companies innovate and unlock their potential. However, the real estate market and regulations can be a frustrating world to navigate. But, fear not!

This workshop, specifically tailored companies on the move. Representatives from recent JLABS alumni, experienced leaders, government and industry professionals will teach you how to successfully prepare for your company’s big move and help you avoid the pitfalls that can slow you down.

Join us to find out what you don’t know.

Topics to be covered:
Relocation do’s and don’ts
– What to look for in your next space
– Assessing your needs
– Keys to making a dynamic space
– Current market
– Move-in timelines

City resources
– Current and future projects
– Key ordinance
– Infrastructure plans
– And more

Learn from experience
– What you need to know about the relocation process
– The surprises
– Hardest steps
– The unexpected and expected
– Relocation Timelines
– Budgets
– What did you prepare for?
– Unexpected costs?
– Higher than expected costs
– Lease Term Obligations
– What were the strange lease terms?
– Market Availability
– Rents
– Vacancies

This workshop will include real life example of successful and unsuccessful moves.

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Contact: Ro Rabanillo
Contact Phone: 415-310-0840
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329 Oyster Point Blvd.
3rd Floor
South San Francisco, CA 94080