Vital Therapies Inc., (VTI)

Organization Address
15010 Avenue of Science, Ste 200
San Diego, CA 92128-3421

Organization Phone
(858) 673-6840


Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Organization Description

Vital Therapies, Inc. is a biotherapeutic company focused on developing a cell-based system for the treatment of acute liver failure. Our product candidate, the ELAD® System, is a human cell-based, bio-artificial liver support system that operates outside the body, or extracorporeal, and is designed with the proposed intent to allow the patient’s own liver to regenerate to a healthy state, or to stabilize the patient until liver transplant. The ELAD System incorporates our human liver-derived cells, or VTL C3A cells, contained in four hollow fiber cartridges, that are combined with single use customized disposable sets and an ancillary delivery system.