Warriors Stadium in Mission Bay Update

July 9, 2015

A much-anticipated draft environmental impact report for the proposed Golden State Warriors arena in Mission Bay was released in June. The 2015 National Champions have been pursuing options for the last several years to build a new stadium in San Francisco, leaving behind their current one in Oakland. The Warriors are seeking to purchase 12 acres of private property in Mission Bay owned by Salesforce, in the middle of Mission Bay’s Life Science cluster of companies and UCSF institutions.

The extensive draft report, consisting of over 800 pages of text and an additional 1,500 pages of appendices and materials, can be found at the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII)’s website. It delves into the details on any potential impacts to the area by the building of the stadium. A hearing at City Hall was held in late June by the San Francisco Commission overseeing OCII to receive public comments for the office and staff. Comments on the draft report can still be made to their office before July 20th by emailing

Strong support for the stadium has come from the mayor’s office and throughout City Hall. The governor also showed his interest by signing legislation to fast-track the process for approval. Public approval of a stadium in Mission Bay is at 72 percent in recent polling. Despite all this, a group of opponents calling themselves the “Mission Bay Alliance” has raised concerns. Ongoing discussions within City Hall and among the Mission Bay community continue with future developments to be seen later this year. The 18,000 seat stadium is planned to be constructed and ready for the 2018-2019 NBA season.