Women’s Health: Driving Innovation and Cultural Change

South San Francisco, CA


5:00pm - 7:00pm

Right now, across the globe, incredible and amazing women are busy shattering glass ceilings, disrupting huge industries, and blazing new trails. We often hear about these women when they have overcome a perceptibly insurmountable challenge, but as a society we need to view women’s role as primary health innovators as insurmountable in and of itself.

Without a broader view of where we have been, where we are today, and what our future brings, we may miss an opportunity to inspire more women’s health innovation and strengthen the future in our field. In this lecture, we’ll cover:

– An exploration into women’s health, in which we discuss ways women pursue scientific knowledge, apply it to business development and the cultural factors that affect them
– The impact of scientific/medical advancement and social conditions on their opportunities and identities
– A better understanding of the wealth of opportunities related to women’s health, a field that historically lacks women at the helm

About the Speaker – Anna Villarreal
Anna Villarreal is the founder and CEO of LifeStory Health, a bioscience company innovating precision medicine through diagnostic biomarkers. Anna’s pioneering vision led to an award-winning scientific methodology that produced extraordinary novel discoveries in the diagnostic and therapeutic space.

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