Women’s Health Workshop

South San Francisco, CA


9:00am - 5:00pm

Join us for a full day workshop moderated by Innovator and Entrepreneur, Anna Villarreal, Founder and CEO of LifeStory Health, Inc.

The workshop is being hosted by the California Life Science Association and Northeastern University San Francisco Bay Area. With a focus on innovation and foundership, the workshop explores industry-agnostic approaches to driving innovation and cultural change as well as a hands-on interdisciplinary exploration into women’s health, in which we will explore the ways women pursue scientific knowledge, apply it to business development and the cultural factors that affect them.

We will investigate the impact of scientific/medical advancement and social conditions on their opportunities and identities. Using a series of practical exercises and discussions designed to offer attendees an opportunity to exercise their ability to translate scientific methodologies for entrepreneurship and biotechnology commercialization into comprehensive business solutions.

Topics include:
-Creating practical documents based on regulations and guidelines
-Public relations and marketing, implementing thought leadership techniques, creating fundraising campaigns
-Conducting clinical studies, performing patent execution and contract negotiations, implementing business solutions based on market analysis
-Effective utilization of data management and data analytics that incorporates both group and/or individual activities that require attendees to research applicable industry information, as well as activities designed to aid in the comprehension for a global scale
-Case-based methodologies to enable real-world application of topics discussed during the workshop

Come join us on Thursday, March 28 for an exciting workshop on Women's Health.

About the Speaker - Anna Villarreal

Anna Villarreal is the founder and CEO of LifeStory Health, a bioscience company innovating precision medicine through diagnostic biomarkers. Anna's pioneering vision led to an award-winning scientific methodology that produced extraordinary novel discoveries in the diagnostic and therapeutic space.

A strong advocate for women’s health, you can learn more about Anna’s story and LifeStory Health on her podcast, Setting the Pace. Along with her co-host, Katherine Kuzmeskas, as they speak with the female visionaries, founders, and thought leaders that are sprinting ahead of the pack.

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